Event Policies

Updated October 14, 2016 @ 05:33 (CDT)

Please be respectful of the premises and of the other attendees. If you are non-compliant with this policy, our executive members will escort you out of the premises.

  • Weapons, drugs, and alcohol obtained outside of the event are strictly prohibited.
  • If you are intoxicated to the point of belligerence and/or vomiting, you will be sent home.
  • No food or drink are to be brought into the event.
  • Violence and overt sexual conduct including inappropriate touching and removal of clothing is prohibited--perpetrators will be promptly removed.
  • Backpacks/large purses and any other large carry-in baggage are restricted.
  • Please be sure to have identification on hand at all times.
  • Proper identification is required at check in and may be asked to be seen at any time.
  • If you decide to leave the event at any point in the night, you will not be readmitted.
  • If you witness any suspicious activity, please report it to any executive member or to the authorities.
  • All bathrooms will be gender neutral for the duration of the event, if anyone harrasses you for going into a certain bathroom, please notify any executive member.
  • REMEMBER: This event is made to be a safe space for all people; discrimination or harassment of any kind will NOT be tolerated.

Bradley University, Common Ground, and the Executive Team reserve the right to confiscate items and remove attendees from the venue if deemed necessary.